Happy Halloween!


Halloween week is a happy time for me, and I want to share that happiness by gifting you
with 40% off of all art prints and gifts in my online art gallery. Hooray!

What inspired me to offer this deep discount right now, you ask? Quick sales to fund a spot on Naked and Afraid? Butt lift? Trip to Costco?

No. Something way better than that. Halloween is my birthday!

I’m not about to share my age, but I’ve officially aged out of E-Harmony and Match.com. And OKCupid. EliteSingles. BlackPeopleMeet. JewsMeetShiksas. FarmerSingles. DogRescueMates. LonersUnite.

The “select your age” options on these sites don’t go up that high. Apparently if you’re a woman over 50 you’re supposed to lose interest in everything except grandchildren and growing tomatoes while wearing a bat-winged mumu and oversized straw hat.

I’m so not there yet!

My idea of a Halloween birthday is to don my ’70’s bellydance costume and party with friends, where I’ll eat two pieces of birthday cake, drink two glasses of wine (and maybe down a shot of tequila), and dance under the stars with an assortment of zombies, pirates and kings.

But wait, there’s more!

After Halloween, the Day of the Dead celebration arrives. Families gather to remember deceased loved ones whose souls are believed to return and visit the living. The village is filled with orange marigolds and brightly painted skull faces, and at night hundreds of candles are lit on the Wall of Skulls to honor those who have passed. 

It’s solemn and sacred and celebratory with laughter and tears, memories and nostalgia, and lots of love. Oodles and oodles of love.

This is going to be an amazing week!



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